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WFPL – Cyclist Challenges Urban Transportation Policies

Fight Over Traffic Charges Challenges Cyclists’ Place On Louisville Streets – By Jacob Ryan –  Local Cyclist Fights Traffic Charges To Send Message – Photo: J. Tyler Franklin – February 8, 2017 –  Evening rush hour often brings bumper-to-bumper traffic just beyond the front door of Jackie Green’s downtown bike shop. It’s a scene that bothers Green, a staunch supporter of smaller streets, slower speeds and fewer cars. “We have lost control of the safety of our streets,” Green said during a recent interview at his shop. Regaining that safety is, in part, what’s driving him to continue fighting a pair of traffic citations he received while riding a bicycle along Third Street more than a year ago. Green ran a red light. He’s charged with disregarding a traffic signal and obstructing a highway. The latter carries a penalty of up to 90 days in jail. He dismisses both charges, saying he ran the light for his safety. But local prosecutors aren’t buying it. A spokesman for the County Attorney’s office says more than 100,000 cases come through District Court annually, and they work them all. “This man wants his day in court, and we’re there to make sure he gets it,” said Josh Abner, a spokesman for County Attorney Mike O’Connell. For Green and his attorney, Ryan Fenwick, who’s also an avid bicycle commuter, it’s about sending a message to city officials. “Our objective is to challenge Louisville’s urban traffic policies and to reclaim the commons,” Green said. “That’s why we are in the fight.” More Than Bicycle Lanes Green is a longtime cyclist and activist in Louisville. He owns Bike Couriers Bike...

Louisville must change transportation policies!!!!

This from Brook and Burnett…. “The officer had sirens and lights on while traveling south on Brook at about 40ish and ran a red light. The west bound car on Burnett did not see him in time.” … Had the LMPD vehicle hit a pedestrian headed to Burger Boy, or had a foolish cyclist been stopped in the intersection, waiting on a light to change,…. 🙁  … How much did this cost the city? … Had that been a yellow caution light rather than a red/yellow/green light, the driver would have approached that intersection differently. … Thanks for the photo, Daniel. And below, from the Highlands….”Speed on Speed…… she was going so fast in a 25mph zone she struck and totaled a parked vehicle, flipped, and turned back toward the way she came….” Thanks, Debra. Louisville must change transportation policies!!...

Louisville Traffic – Out of Control

Sunday – two pedestrians killed, seven sent to hospital. Monday – three year old killed on Broadway. Tuesday – nine year old on Broadway thrown 50 feet and sent to hospital with brain damage. Wednesday – the attached foolishness on Broadway. When will we calm...

Louisville’s Comprehensive Plan

Metro Louisville is designing a comprehensive plan to replace our previous plan – Cornerstone 2020. Metro hired a consultant whose survey of residents in the county and the surrounding counties yielded interesting information. The findings have tremendous implications for Louisville. Findings: – Highest priority when deciding where to live – Quality of the Environment and Access to Sidewalks – Least satisfying aspect of transportation – Ease of bicycling along major streets, Ease of walking along major streets, quality of public transit – Percentage of residents who agree with the statement “I would like to live in a place where I did not need a private vehicle.” (see the third statement on the posted image) Central Louisville residents – 55% East Louisville residents –  47% West Louisville residents – 51% Residents of surrounding counties – 31% When 31% of the residents of the surrounding counties want to be able to live without a personal vehicle, Louisville should respond. Over ten years ago another consulting firm hired by Louisville reported that we must make it possible for citizens to live easily without a personal vehicle. And cities around the world are limiting car access downtown. If Louisville is to be competitive in attracting residents and businesses we should act immediately by simultaneously: – concentrating TARC service in the area where it will be most possible to live easily without a car, downtown and surrounding old neighborhoods. ‘Beyond the Watterson’ is hopelessly car dependent, that is a battle we are not going to win soon. As ridership increases centrally, extend the service in concentric rings. – repairing sidewalks working from downtown outward – converting downtown...

Rally to Move Forward – Louisville – January 2017

Largest (3,000 – 5,000) public rally in Louisville’s history. The following is the address delivered by Jackie Green – community centered transportation and land use advocate. Good morning. You should see yourselves from this perspective. You are many. You are beautiful. The peace and justice that we seek cannot be created on an Earth that cannot support all of life with dignity and equality. Earth has been under assault for 100 years. And as the assault accelerates government refuses to pursue peace, justice and a stable Earth. So here we are, demanding change in the way we treat Earth and each other, demanding change from our governments, our industries, our institutions. If our demand is to be taken seriously, if our demand is to have any integrity, we must ourselves change. As Gandhi put it “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” We must change as individuals, as family units, as communities. We must cease our personal participation in the assault on Earth. In our change is the power to force change upon our governments and institutions. They respond to power, particularly the power of the dollar. And we spend on average 40% of household income on housing, transportation and utilities. Our power to force change, our power to assault or to heal is found in that 40%.  As one who quit flying in 1993, and quit car ownership in 1999. I urge you, as you travel home today, to contemplate the power of your dollar spent on housing, transportation and utilities. Here is a bicycle, no ordinary bicycle, but an agent of change, like TARC buses, like shoes, a tool of resistance – resistance against tar sands, pipelines, refineries, emissions, offshore drilling, fracking, oil spills, Wall St, and military intervention. An instrument of peace and healing. An agent of change. “Be the change.” Thank...

WAVE TV – Green continues to challenge bike citations

Green continues to challenge bike citations Friday, July 29th 2016, 8:27 pm EDT By Josh Cook Jackie Green (Source: WAVE 3 News) LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – He once ran for mayor an now he’s challenging citations in a high-profile case, involving his bicycle. Jackie Green was charged with obstructing a highway and disregarding a traffic light on his bike in November. In his third preliminary hearing Friday his attorney motioned to bring an expert witness to the trial. Green has been offered a plea deal, by pleading guilty to the traffic light charge and paying court fees, to avoid up to 90 days in jail. Green says he’ll fight this until his entire case is dismissed in order to bring justice for all bicycle commuters. “This is bigger than me,” he said. “This is about the safety of cyclists. It’s about cyclists being able to operate on their bicycles in a safe manner, taking measures that increase their safety without fear of wrongful prosecution by the state.” A police officer claims to have warned Green to use the bike lane and subsequently caught him riding through a red light. The case returns to court Sept. 22. Copyright 2016 WAVE 3 News. All...

Louisville Harmony asks city to reduce surface parking lots…

Louisville Harmony is asking Metro to bring into alignment local policies and practices so community resiliency, climate change, urban heat, public transit, urban forestry, flooding, air quality and compassion are truly addressed. We ask that Metro begin by taking on a major nexus of all of these issues, the surface parking lot. We ask Metro to begin taking immediate actions leading to the phase-out of privately and publicly owned surface parking lots. Louisville Harmony and Louisville Harmony supporters stand ready to assist Metro in the expeditious meeting of this...

Cool502 – City tosses hot potato to citizens

“Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is calling on residents to work within their own neighborhoods to help combat the city’s rising temperatures in urban areas. The city has one of the fastest-growing urban heat islands in the nation… During a news conference, he stressed the ways the study’s data can help inform individuals and neighborhood groups about what they can do in various areas of town…. the onus will be on people to make changes on a micro-level…. Fischer said “And the government can only do so much with trees. Most trees are obviously on private land, so we need all of our private citizens to step up.” His administration rolled out an online database where residents can search for their neighborhoods, identify their primary heat island challenges and pinpoint the exact number of cooler roofs or additional trees that will help measurably lower summer temperatures. Fischer is calling the initiative “Cool502,” and is encouraging residents to share their cooling efforts on social media using the hashtag: #cool502.” From – http://wfpl.org/fischer-launches-cool502-initiative-encourage-residents-combat-urban-heat/ ??? “the government can only do so much with trees” ??? Metro can stop clear cutting forests by investors in remote real estate invest. Metro can reduce urban speeds that result in cars taking out trees. Metro can re-purpose surface parking lots as  housing, retail, offices, parks, community gardens, solar farms or parking garages.  Mayor Fischer is all about big data documenting the obvious, and shifting the burden to the backs of citizens rather than having the city lead by example....

Louisville’s Vision – weak and self contradictory

Under the mayor’s direction, Louisville launched a Sustainability Plan, Trees Louisville, Move Louisville, Cool502, renewed the city’s commitment to the Climate Protection Agreement and signed Climate Compact of Mayors. Examination of these acts as a  ​unit quickly reveals fundamental and self defeating contradictions and weaknesses (the word ‘acts’ was intentionally chosen). The weaknesses begin with the Sustainability Plan. The Sustainability Plan was immediately upon release ​declared unambitious in scope and timing. ​​Trees Louisville, a non-profit raising money to plant trees, cannot compete with the destruction wrought on forests by ‘developers’​. Nor can Trees Louisville compete with the destruction wrought on urban trees by cars and trucks​. Cool502, the Climate Protection Agreement and the Climate Compact of Mayors​ all three contradict Move Louisville,  the city’s transportation (and land use) plan. This is no surprise as Move Louisville contradicts itself with its ​new Urton Lane ​and​ Oxmoor Farms​ projects bumping up against Move Louisville’s ‘Fix it First’ priority​. Move Louisville’s Urton Lane​ and​ Oxmoor Farms ​projects will result in ​clear cut​ting​ forests and paving fields​ while draining resources that create a more population-dense, walkable and cooler​ Louisville. Move Louisville​ also commits nothing significant to public transit​.​ Several proposals should be adopted and aggressively pursued if the city’s sustainability acts are to move beyond mere play acting. The city should purge the Urton Lane and Oxmoor Farms projects and shift funding from those projects to public transit, concentrating additional TARC service (strategically and temporarily) within the Watterson.  For the sake of ​neighborhoods, ​pedestrians and trees, the city should reduce ​and enforce ​urban speed limits to a safe speed. And the city should lead the community by​ beginning to re​-​purpos​e the city owned surface parking lots as housing, retail,offices, parks, community gardens, solar farms or parking garages. ​ http://www.courier-journal.com/story/tech/science/environment/2016/04/25/mayor-fischer-launches-cool502-effort/83301648/...

Reasons you should ride a bicycle

Petroleum Free Transportation

combats global climate change
improves local air quality
leaves no oil on our streets and in our drinking water
keeps local dollars local
frees our military from protecting foreign oil
promotes global peace

Bikes Are

healthy exercise
smart personal economy
great traffic calming influences
not electric (coal-fired) vehicles