Biden and Electric Vehicles

Biden wants half the US fleet of cars to be electric by 2030.
The policy should be to halve the US fleet of cars.
1) EVs are fueled by coal and fracked gas,
2) EVs still demand massive material input in manufacturing and parking,
3) surface parking lots contribute to urban heat and flooding,
4) EVs encourage sprawling land use,
5) EVs are detrimental to public transit and walkable communities,
6) EV batteries are not benign,
7) EVs eventually are junked,
8) EVs kill people, animals and habitat,
9) EVs drain police, EMS & fire dept resources,
10) EVs are a marketing lie on so many levels.
The image below is another example of the lies.

This image is from electric bike advertising. These bikes are very heavy. They are not powered by humans, but by electricity generated by mining/drilling/burning coal and fracked gas.