Parental climate chaos dilemma

As climate change devolves into climate chaos, parents today face a set of painful dilemmas. The inclination to shelter and protect our children from psychologically distressing information can result in our children being blindsided, feeling lied to, and growing up unprepared to face the future. The desire to give our children material and experiences can hasten the rate at which climate change morphs into climate chaos. To give or not to give? Then there is the question of guilt and resentment. We burned more fossil fuels than we should have in our privileged travel. Abandoning family hypermobility can leave parents with a sense of guilt for denying travel to our children. It can also leave children with a sense of resentment. Parental failure to curb our travel lust today makes climate chaos worse and passes on to our children the responsibility of making needed behavioral changes tomorrow. In shirking our responsibility we bequeath to our children their own future guilt and the difficult parental decisions and actions relative to their children. An abrupt stop here does not imply that the above is a comprehensive outline of the topic. These random thoughts are just a place to begin a...

‘We are damned fools’

In 1988 NASA scientist James Hansen warned Congress of climate chaos. Today his message is: ‘We are damned fools’.