K&I Bridge

With the prospect of $10 million expansion of Waterfront Park westward, it may be time to renew the appeal to reopen Norfolk Southern’s K&I bridge to pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users. 

On 1 November 2013 the group working on the appeal ceased efforts on the argument that until Metro Louisville makes progress with plans and funding for the southern approaches to the K&I bridge, the request cannot be justified. That group included representation from both sides of the river – parks, public works, mayoral & congressional offices, local law enforcement, coast guard, INDOT, KYTC, citizens and citizen groups (historical, cycling, etc.), engineering, legal and business perspectives, etc..

Exhaustive (if rambling) reports of meetings & happenings were kept… here is the May 2013 report to the group


Open the K&I bridge Facebook page – Full Moon Bike Ride