Louisville must change transportation policies!!!!

Louisville must change transportation policies!!!!

This from Brook and Burnett…. “The officer had sirens and lights on while traveling south on Brook at about 40ish and ran a red light. The west bound car on Burnett did not see him in time.” … Had the LMPD vehicle hit a pedestrian headed to Burger Boy, or had a foolish cyclist been stopped in the intersection, waiting on a light to change,…. 🙁  … How much did this cost the city? … Had that been a yellow caution light rather than a red/yellow/green light, the driver would have approached that intersection differently. … Thanks for the photo, Daniel.

And below, from the Highlands….”Speed on Speed…… she was going so fast in a 25mph zone she struck and totaled a parked vehicle, flipped, and turned back toward the way she came….” Thanks, Debra.

Louisville must change transportation policies!!



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