Louisville and the Climate Emergency

In 2005, former Mayor Jerry Abramson committed to cut greenhouse gas emissions under the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement.
In 2009, the Partnership for a Green City published the Climate Action Report, which included a greenhouse gas inventory,
In 2011, on Mayor Fischer’s second day in office, he ceremoniously renewed the city’s commitment to Abramson’s Climate Protection Agreement.
In 2016, Louisville completed another greenhouse gas inventory report and Fischer signed the Global Covenant of Mayors.
In 2019, Fishcer declared a Climate Emergency.
Reminds me of my neighbors’ recent tragic emergency. The smell of smoke cut through the smell of popcorn as they were watching Olympic competitions. They rushed out of the house to see what was burning only to discover flames leaping and smoke billowing out of their second floor windows. Quick thinking resulted in a parent making a phone call to the fire department. That done, they herded the children back into the family room to see which country’s athletes could run the fastest.