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EVs (electric vehicles)- a hoax

Electric cars are still cars. They: – require resource extraction, – require manufacturing processes, – require wasteful infrastructure (parking lots & highways), – consume too high a percentage of family budgets, – are powered by coal and fracked gas (laundered like bad money at electrical power stations), – kill and maim people and wildlife, – and ultimately become a huge recycling challenge or contribute to landfills. EVs (cars) are...

Randy Newman, Short People, smaller bikes

Randy Newman had it all wrong. The Bike Couriers Bike Shop has several road bikes 54cm and smaller (only one more 41cm left). Short people have a lot to live for. With the exception of a 56cm tri bike, all of our larger sizes are sold out. Expecting delivery of all sizes in December. For your listening pleasure:...

Biden and Electric Vehicles

Biden wants half the US fleet of cars to be electric by 2030. The policy should be to halve the US fleet of cars. 1) EVs are fueled by coal and fracked gas, 2) EVs still demand massive material input in manufacturing and parking, 3) surface parking lots contribute to urban heat and flooding, 4) EVs encourage sprawling land use, 5) EVs are detrimental to public transit and walkable communities, 6) EV batteries are not benign, 7) EVs eventually are junked, 8) EVs kill people, animals and habitat, 9) EVs drain police, EMS & fire dept resources, 10) EVs are a marketing lie on so many levels.The image below is another example of the lies. This image is from electric bike advertising. These bikes are very heavy. They are not powered by humans, but by electricity generated by mining/drilling/burning coal and fracked...

Bikes Arriving, Order Now

Order your bike today!!!In 2021 bikes nationally were in very short supply.In 2022 bike selections are anticipated to be as limited as they were in 2021.We are told we will receive the following bikes *beginning in December 2021.We are now taking your orders on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis for these bikes..Jamis Beatnik – MSRP $499.00 https://www.jamisbikes.com/bikes/urban-fitness/fixie/beatnik/.Jamis Coda S3 – MSRP $539.00 https://www.jamisbikes.com/bikes/urban-fitness/urban-fitness/coda/.Jamis Coda S2 – MSRP $729.00.Jamis Ventura A2 – MSRP $1,049.00 https://www.jamisbikes.com/bikes/adventure-gravel/road/ventura/.Jamis Ventura A1 – MSRP $1,249.00.Jamis Renegade A1 – MSRP $1099.00 https://www.jamisbikes.com/bikes/adventure-gravel/allroad-adventure/renegade/.Jamis Renegade S4 – MSRP $1399.00 If you want to order a Jamis bicycle not included in the following list let us know ASAP. *“beginning in December”Suppliers cannot tell us definitively which models will arrive in December 2021. December is a target. If the target is hit, it is certain that only some of the bikes will be in before the new year. Nor can suppliers predict freight and tariff costs. From the Jamis website: “Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price excludes shipping costs, dealer assembly/prep, taxes or import duties.”The end result is that we (you and the shop) are going to have to exercise a bit of flexibility as costs/prices settle down. MSRP is almost certain to change. Given the unusual supply line circumstances, we are giving you an opportunity to secure a new bike ahead of arrival. “Those who...

Louisville and the Climate Emergency

In 2005, former Mayor Jerry Abramson committed to cut greenhouse gas emissions under the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement.In 2009, the Partnership for a Green City published the Climate Action Report, which included a greenhouse gas inventory,In 2011, on Mayor Fischer’s second day in office, he ceremoniously renewed the city’s commitment to Abramson’s Climate Protection Agreement.In 2016, Louisville completed another greenhouse gas inventory report and Fischer signed the Global Covenant of Mayors.In 2019, Fishcer declared a Climate Emergency.Reminds me of my neighbors’ recent tragic emergency. The smell of smoke cut through the smell of popcorn as they were watching Olympic competitions. They rushed out of the house to see what was burning only to discover flames leaping and smoke billowing out of their second floor windows. Quick thinking resulted in a parent making a phone call to the fire department. That done, they herded the children back into the family room to see which country’s athletes could run the...

Pedestrians, sidewalks, jaywalking and other lies

Language, thought, culture and relations are best served by truth. It is hoped the following is heard, not as a pedantic rant, nor as another ‘politically correct’ weapon, but as an exploration shedding some light on our transportation system. The history of ‘jaywalking’ is a tale of manipulation, and ultimately, one of deception.* The early automotive industry, in a rush to get people out of the way of their contraptions, tagged anyone crossing traffic in an uncontrolled manner as a ‘jay’, a naive, inexperienced country bumpkin who, being new to the city, does not know how to navigate the urban landscape. ‘Jaywalk’ is currently defined as: ‘to cross or walk in the street or road unlawfully or without regard for approaching traffic’. The ‘jaywalking’ concept is used to force crossings at intersections rather than mid block. It is claimed that crossing at intersections enhances safety. In reality, it places non-drivers in the most dangerous of areas, where traffic approaches from four or more directions. Mid block crossings generally require looking in only two directions. A truer, historically correct definition of ‘jaywalk’ is: ‘a pejorative term used by the early automotive industry to curtail the use of the commons by citizens’.  The above paragraph, except in the current definition of ‘jaywalk’, intentionally avoids the use of the words ‘street’ and ‘sidewalk’. Together those two comprise a linear expression of ‘the commons’. Parks, libraries, civic buildings are also part of the commons, but not part of this conversation. The ‘street’ and ‘sidewalk’ have become tools of manipulation to control people. (Note the avoidance of the word ‘pedestrians’. Later.) Back when our streets were shared with horses, oxen and...

The Kitchen Sink

We had just started filling the kitchen sink with hot water when the doorbell rang. After answering the bell, we became distracted, forgetting the running water. The sound of water hitting the floor brought some* of us back to the kitchen. One started mopping the floor. Another began to cast blame and a third refused to shoulder any responsibility for the overflowing sink. A fourth dialed 911, while another called a plumber. Certain that the floor would buckle, another called a flooring company. One changed into a swimsuit. Another reached for a six pack of beer. Another opened the back door. And yet another prepared to move to a new house. One, a water company stockholder, smiled, and another shrugged and returned to the living room to watch the Olympics. Several made posters and began a protest against small sinks and gravity. ** No one shut off the water.Absurd, but this is exactly what we are doing vis a vis Climate Chaos. We create cooling centers for the over heated. We blame oil and coal companies. We deny our cars contribute to a hotter climate. We look for government to solve the problem. We rely on technology to save the day. We raise the height of levies. Some of us welcome warmer winters while others party on into numbness. Some take inane measures, as others look for distant planets to host humanity. We argue the economy will be ruined, we fatalistically return to distractions and we stage public protests.   Some of these responses are appropriate, ONLY after turning off the kitchen tap. Our consumption is the Climate Chaos tap. * The others, the deniers, refused to...

Revitalizing Downtown

On the way to the Frazier History Museum to sit in on the ‘Jump-Start Downtown’ program, I admired the beauty of several blocks of Main Street. I thought of equally pleasant blocks along Fourth Street, and blocks along Market Street in NULU. I then marveled at how other areas are so physically unattractive, lacking the elements that encourage a family stroll. The panel, united in considering it an imperative, discussed how to make downtown more inviting. “How do we get people back on the street?”. The discussion addressed many aspects of urban life with housing playing a central role and leading to the conclusion that downtown also is a neighborhood. That ‘strolling family’ came back to mind – that family enjoying the clean, quiet, peaceful, safe evening under a canopy of leaves, admiring historical architecture. Also to mind came the current reality of narrow sidewalks and speeding cars along wide, wide roads. To mind came the current reality of limited affordable housing and a superfluity of surface parking lots. Our priorities are clearly skewed toward cars rather than people and housing. The roar of engines and the blare of radios attest to little concern for peace and quiet. Even the title of the evening’s discussion, ‘Jump-Start’ Downtown, references our motorized inclination.When we closed local parks to motorized traffic the park roads filled with strollers enjoying the clean, quiet, peaceful, safe, greenery of the parks. “How do we get people back on the...

Reasons you should ride a bicycle

Petroleum Free Transportation

combats global climate change
improves local air quality
leaves no oil on our streets and in our drinking water
keeps local dollars local
frees our military from protecting foreign oil
promotes global peace

Bikes Are

healthy exercise
smart personal economy
great traffic calming influences
not electric (coal or fracked gas fueled) vehicles