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Twenty is Plenty


Louisville’s First Truly Bicycle Friendly Mixed Use Redevelopment

Frankfort Crossing — Louisville’s First Car-Free/Transit-Rich Mixed Use Redevelopment … 24 residential units … 80 indoor/secure bicycle parking spaces (2+ bikes per bedroom) … a public bicycle shop … 9,560 sq ft of commercial space This project is currently moving through Metro Planning and Design. Funding is a MAJOR obstacle in bringing this vision to reality. If you have a million you want to invest…. Frankfort...

Louisville cyclist Jackie Green declares victory over challenge to bike lanes, stoplights

Louisville cyclist Jackie Green declares victory over challenge to bike lanes, stoplights Source: James Bruggers, Courier Journal Published 1:27 p.m. ET Oct. 31, 2017 City official says cyclists still need to follow traffic rules (Photo: Amber Sigman/Special to The Courier-Journal) STORY HIGHLIGHTS Two-year-old case ends after Jackie Green takes traffic safety class Independent mayoral candidate objects to bike lanes. Prosecutors have dropped two traffic violations against bicyclist Jackie Green, who has for two years fought charges of running a red light and blocking motor vehicles by not using a designated bike lane. Green had sought to make his case a broader appeal for a more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly approach to transportation in Louisville, and on Tuesday, he declared a total victory – even as he acknowledged one charge was dropped only after he agreed to take a traffic safety class. “The case established two big wins for the cycling community,” Green said. “The first win acknowledged that cyclists do not have to use bicycle lanes. The second win established that cyclists may take measures at intersections to increase their safety, regardless the color of the traffic signal.” Josh Abner, the spokesman for the county attorney’s office, acknowledged that prosecutors were not able to meet requirements for a successful charge of obstructing a road. That left the traffic light charge, which he said was eligible for dismissal following participation in a driver safety program. Green participated in the program, and upon its completion, that traffic light charge was dropped. Abner also pointed to a ruling in the case a year ago by Judge Eric Haner that found cyclists were not exempt from the charges. Regardless, Green...

How to get the city to take action on LMPD impound lot

How do you get the city to take action on LMPD’s impound lot? .1. call the community together .2. get organizations, citizen leaders and businesses to sign on to a Resolution .3. present the Resolution to the mayor and police chief Initial yield? The city tested runoff from the impound lot for the first time in 24 years !!! The resolution …  https://dwlouisville.wixsite.com/impoundmentlot Media coverage...

Impound Lot Resolution

Resolution on Reforming Metro Louisville Impound Lot – 23 June 2017​ Th​e following Resolution, which was presented to our Police Chief and Mayor on 23 June 2017, will continue in circulation to collect more business, organizational and community leader signatures.  Because it is being updated with new signatures several times weekly, we refer you to the website which keeps the latest copy. https://dwlouisville.wixsite.com/impoundmentlot Please let us know if you, your business, organization, or association want to sign on. Thank you....

Responsibility and Integrity

On May the 21st the Courier-Journal published an article by Jeff Watkins, News Editor, addressing climate change from a perspective of personal, individual responsibility. Jeff ended his article with: “If pointing the finger of blame will help, I’ll take the heat.” In the next two weeks the C-J published related pieces by Glenn Reynolds and Mike Kleier suggesting that those who express concern about climate change should “walk the talk”. These are conversations long overdue. All three are found...

Bike share before traffic calming, cart before horse

Louisville is about to launch a great bike share program. As we turn loose novice cyclists on our urban streets we need to remember that Louisville established in 2016 new records in traffic deaths and pedestrian deaths. The danger of urban streets is the velocity of motor vehicles. This is not news. “A pedestrian has a 95 per cent survival rate when hit by a motor vehicle driving at less than 20 mph. At less than 30 mph their survival rate is 55 per cent. At 40 mph, survival rates are only 5 per cent.”  (Ashton and Mackay 1979) 5% survival at speed between 30 and 40 mph 55% survival at speed between 20 and 30 mph 95% survival at speed under 20 mph Urban traffic must be calmed. Louisville’s best traffic calming tool is a bicycle in the travel lane – the travel lane, not the bike lane. Before loosing the bike share program (and possibly losing some of our citizens and visitors) Louisville should scrub out the urban bike lanes, putting bicycles in the urban travel lanes. That act, coupled with converting one way streets to two way, converting urban traffic signals to flashing red or yellow but never green, concentrating TARC service “inside the Watterson” (beyond the Watterson is hopelessly car dependent), and establishing dedicated bus lanes will create a safe urban transportation system. These are low cost, budget-smart, urban and people-friendly measures....

Debris from wreck headed to your water supply

This debris is from a wreck which occurred two weeks ago on Broadway. It is headed to your water supply. No, make that Evansville’s water supply. It will first go thru the metal grates and into the sewer system. MSD will have to filter and pump it out, then ‘dispose’ of it.  Know that ‘dispose’ probably means dump it in a land fill. Why does driver foolishness become a burden the public bears? Why isn’t the owner of the vehicle or the insurance company held responsible. Our relationship with cars is...

Record Heat – Year Three

Hottest years: 1998, 2005, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016. Walk, bike, bus.  Explore the ethics of transportation choices. Earth has been under assault for 100 years. And as the assault accelerates, government refuses to pursue peace, justice and a stable Earth. Demanding change from our governments, our industries and our institutions will not be taken seriously, if we, individually and as families, do not have the integrity, to change ourselves. As Gandhi put it “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” We must change as individuals, as family units, as communities. We must cease our personal participation in the assault on Earth. In our change is the power to force change upon our governments and institutions. They respond to power, particularly the power of the dollar. And we spend on average 40% of household income on housing, transportation and utilities. Our power to force change, our power to assault or to heal is found in that 40%.  As one who quit flying in 1993, and quit car ownership in 1999. I urge you to contemplate the power of your dollar spent on housing, transportation and utilities. Bicycles are agents of change, like TARC buses, like shoes, a tool of resistance – resistance against tar sands, pipelines, refineries, emissions, offshore drilling, fracking, oil spills, Wall St,military interventions, surface parking lots, urban heat islands, etc.. An instrument of peace and healing. An agent of change. “Be the change.”  ...

Reasons you should ride a bicycle

Petroleum Free Transportation

combats global climate change
improves local air quality
leaves no oil on our streets and in our drinking water
keeps local dollars local
frees our military from protecting foreign oil
promotes global peace

Bikes Are

healthy exercise
smart personal economy
great traffic calming influences
not electric (coal or fracked gas fueled) vehicles