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K&I Bridge

With the prospect of $10 million expansion of Waterfront Park westward, it may be time to renew the appeal to reopen Norfolk Southern’s K&I bridge to pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users.  On 1 November 2013 the group working on the appeal ceased efforts on the argument that until Metro Louisville makes progress with plans and funding for the southern approaches to the K&I bridge, the request cannot be justified. That group included representation from both sides of the river – parks, public works, mayoral & congressional offices, local law enforcement, coast guard, INDOT, KYTC, citizens and citizen groups (historical, cycling, etc.), engineering, legal and business perspectives, etc.. Exhaustive (if rambling) reports of meetings & happenings were kept… here is the May 2013 report to the group https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E_50yOJWw450UvXfpo-XHJLTMR2P3msTnY7X4fmwdXc/edit Open the K&I bridge Facebook page – Full Moon Bike Ride...

Extinction Rebellion vows fossil fuels protest will ‘grind London to a halt’

The environmental activist group, which encourages supporters to cause disruption through non-violent civil disobedience, will return to the city (London) Saturday with new tactics it claims will “create the most roadblocks we ever have”.“The government declared a climate emergency, yet they are still considering licensing new oil and gas fields [and] financing fossil fuels through tax breaks despite the clear evidence and advice from experts that we need to end all new fossil fuel investment immediately.”...

Climate scientists are desperate: we’re crying, begging and getting arrested

As one who was arrested here in Louisville in 2019 for climate change civil disobedience, Peter Kalmus’ article struck home. “…Nothing has worked. It’s now the eleventh hour and I feel terrified for my kids, and terrified for humanity. I feel deep grief over the loss of forests and corals and diminishing biodiversity. But I’ll keep fighting as hard as I can for this Earth, no matter how bad it gets, because it can always get worse. And it will continue to get worse until we end the fossil fuel industry and the exponential quest for ever more profit at the expense of everything else. There is no way to fool physics….”...

Ignoring Induced Demand is Engineering Malpractice

This process of deception, witnessed in Louisville’s OH River Bridges Project, is repeated nationwide every year.(Source: Strong Towns) “The standard approach for engineering projects is well-established. A team of technical experts determines that a project needs to happen. They get whatever authorization they need to move forward in evaluating options. They put together options, most frequently three of them. The first is the “do nothing” approach, the hated status quo that most everyone agrees is intolerable. The second is some lavish, over-the-top approach that seems ridiculous. And the third approach is the baby bear; not too big and not too small, in contrast with the others it will seem to be just right. This is all part of a sales job, including the anchoring effect of juxtapositioning the professional’s preferred alternative between two unappealing options. I have called these “dumb, dumber, and dumbest” on occasion. Engineers and project planners use the public comment process to go through engagement theater and simulate that they actually care about the feedback they are receiving, earnestly considering it instead of what they are really doing: working through the process to overcome opposition so they can move on to the building phase of the project (because that is the favorite phase).”...

Pete Buttigeig

“Every transportation decision is a climate decision, whether we recognize it or not,… Not only do we have to cut emissions from transportation on our roads by making it so that you don’t have to drag two tons of metal along to get to where you need to go all the time, we’ve got to prepare for the climate impacts that are already happening.” (speech at SXSW- south by southwest – March 2022)Bikes weigh less than two tons. Buttigeig noted that the transportation sector is the US economy’s second leading source of greenhouse gas, behind the energy sector. Is it a slight of hand that electric vehicles will shift more of the greenhouse gas emissions away from transportation and to the energy...

Ohio River Bridges Mistakes Repeated

Instead of investing in regional public transit, retrogressive leadership chose to invest in a 1950s transportation model – two more interstate bridges and many acres of new interstate roadways. Now retrogressive leadership is urging KY & IN governors to use federal infrastructure funding to eliminate tolls on the bridges. Better to keep the tolls and redirect the funds to public transit....

SEC climate risk disclosure

The Securities and Exchange Commission may force companies to disclose climate risk. But, at what level? The SEC breaks down emissions into three categories (Scope 1, 2, & 3). Scope 1 – emissions generated by the companyScope 2 – emissions from the energy consumed, like electricity for exampleScope 3 – emissions generated by a company’s suppliers and customersScopes 1 & 2 hold companies responsibility for disclosing embodied energy (the sum of all the energy required to produce any material, goods or services – including the mining, manufacturing and transporting.) Scope 3 seems to hold companies responsible for disclosing emissions from the use of their products.Investors, consumers and the public deserve to know the risks....

Fatal Flaws

Saturday morning, 19 March 2022…At the corner of Baxter Avenue and Cherokee Road cars lined up at Church of the Advent. The occupants queued to pick up boxes of free food. Each car represented a family that had to choose between filling the gas tank and filling the grocery cart. …Arrival at the bike shop on Market Street (between First and Second streets) required an approach from the west. For several decades all six lanes of Market Street have been one way, dedicated to moving cars quickly eastward – out of downtown.…The Louisville Downtown Partnership https://louisvilledowntown.org/ emailed a survey to downtown residents and businesses. The survey asks for recipients to share their perceptions of downtown as it is, and their visions of downtown Louisville as it should be.  Those three occurrences of the morning are intimately related. Louisville’s land use and transportation is fatally flawed when filling the car’s gas tank is more important than filling the grocery cart. Louisville’s land use and transportation is fatally flawed when moving cars quickly out of town is prioritized over making a green, quiet, walkable city with excellent public transit. Louisville’s land use and transportation is fatally flawed when surface parking lots dominate...

JCPS & Greenhouse Gas

Below is the JCPS response to an Open Records Request re: climate change.Below that is the Request.===30 November 2021“We do not possess any records responsive to your request.”Amanda HerzogAssistant General Counsel, Contract, Insurance & Data SharingJefferson County Public Schools3332 Newburg RoadLouisville, KY 40218===To: Open Records CoordinatorVanHoose Education Center, Room 3213332 Newburg RoadLouisville KY 40218open.records@jefferson.kyschools.us OPEN RECORDS ACT REQUESTPursuant to KRS 61.870 to 61.884 From: JACKIE GREEN1645 Stevens AveLouisville KY 40202 This request is not for commercial purposes. 1) Please provide records showing individually the number of diesel, and gasoline, and electric, and hybrid, andalternative fuel powered school buses owned by JCPS or its related contractors (corporate entities) for the last five year period.2) Please provide records showing the total vehicle fuel purchases in dollars and gallons for each of the past five years by year.3) Please provide any calculation of the greenhouse gas emissions annually from JCPS transportation activities for each of the last five years.4) Please provide records of any air quality investigation or testing performed by or for JCPS showing student exposure to pollution from school buses at any location including waiting for buses, traveling on buses or at bus staging areas.5) Please provide records of JCPS’s surface parking acreage either owned or leased by JCPS.6) Please provide records showing individually the number of vans, SUVs, sedans and trucks owned by...

Conversation w/ university professor

A conversation regarding expansive use of EVs as a solution to transportation’s impact on climate resulted in a University of California – Davis and Berkeley professor forwarding her course syllabus reading list for the week studying EVs this spring. She states and asks: “the situation is dire. But how can we achieve the needed changes? …on the ground, not just theoretically. That is the most essential question “. Below is the “How to” answer to her question (modeled to the Louisville KY realities). And below that is her reading list. How to Calm & Reduce Urban Traffic – inexpensively – very quickly – without telling drivers they may not drive…reduce length of bus routes, extend routes only six miles +/- from First and Main, this immediately increases by several fold urban service, suburbs seven plus miles from First and Main are, for the moment, hopelessly car dependent…establish dedicated bus lanes (increases transit frequency and efficiency)….give buses the right of way at urban intersections (puts drivers at a disadvantage) …turn urban one way streets to two way streets (slows traffic)…have urban signals blink yellow or red but never green (elevates caution while decreasing speed)…establish a bus depot/station/square (one city block surrounded by bus stops with a grocery store in the vicinity) with most routes passing one of the four perimeter streets (creates transit hub)…eliminate urban surface parking lots (ground and elevated) by creating excessive fees for lots (result: owners will redevelop space as residential/commercial/park)…eliminate urban street parking (passive discouragement for drivers)…dedicate streets and adjacent 9’ +/- lanes to cyclists and scooters…put bike racks and scooter parking in the street (not the sidewalk)…eliminate the concept...

Reasons you should ride a bicycle

Petroleum Free Transportation

combats global climate change
improves local air quality
leaves no oil on our streets and in our drinking water
keeps local dollars local
frees our military from protecting foreign oil
promotes global peace

Bikes Are

healthy exercise
smart personal economy
great traffic calming influences
not electric (coal or fracked gas fueled) vehicles