About Us

The Bike Couriers Bike Shops began as and remain a response to urban transportation needs.  It’s founder, Jackie Green, has been car-free in Louisville since 1999.  Here is the timeline…

2002 – Jackie Green (as Executive Director of the Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation) began asking motor vehicle based courier businesses to service downtown deliveries by bicycle.

2003 – After a year of refusals from motor vehicle based courier companies, a shingle was hung and the Bike Couriers began serving downtown Louisville.

2005 – Jackie Green began asking local bike shops to open a shop downtown.

2006 – After a year of refusals from local bike shops, a second shingle was hung and the Bike Couriers Bike Shop, with a handful of bad tools and a few dozen tubes, began  servicing bikes.

Several years later and we now sell Jamis, Bianchi, Masi, Marin & KHS bikes, we have a second shop servicing the University of Louisville / Churchill Downs community and are launching a bicycle tour service downtown.