Mayoral Candidates & LLUTRAIN

LLUTRAIN – Louisville Land Use and Transportation Initiative – A citizens’ group supporting public transit and engaging mayoral candidates and government (Metro/KY)

TARC, Metro and mayoral candidates have yet to present a vision and supportive plan for urgent public transit and land use transformation. LLUTRAIN continues to press for such.

LLUTRAIN is communicating with mayoral candidates Findley, Greenberg, James, and Parrish-Wright. Invitations have been extended to four candidates to take with us a one hour walking tour downtown. The tour should help candidates define their visions for TARC and land use. Craig Greenberg has taken the walking tour, as has David James’ campaign manager (we look forward to repeating the tour with council member James). Craig Greenberg asked to schedule a bike tour. That tour will take place mid-April.

A list of LLUTRAIN’s Steering Committee/Advisory Board/Supporters is available, as is a LLUTRAIN Q/A document.

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